What if every child had a mentor, graduated from high school or college, and reached his or her potential?

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Windham County, a program of Youth Services, is dedicated to matching adult volunteers with children in a one-on-one mentoring relationship. A Big Brother/Big Sister is essentially a caring friend and companion to a child; someone a child can hang out with, get to know, and have fun with.

Being a Big Brother or Big Sister is simple and rewarding. It is as easy as showing your new Little Brother or Little Sister how to play a favorite computer game, bake an apple pie or read the funnies together. We’ve learned that being someone special to a child doesn’t take much more than that. But the impact is huge—for both of you!

Being a Big will touch your heart. Here are some wonderful stories that will give you a glimpse of what it means to become a mentor. Real-Life Stories of Bigs & Littles.



It was the first time riding a horse for Kierra, Taylor, Alexis, and Hayley. This month, they are being treated to their first horseback riding lessons at the Southern Vermont Therapeutic Riding Center in Newfane. Read More about Kierra, Taylor, Alexis & Hayley





Taylor originally became a Big Sister because she thought it would be an easy way to earn community service for college applications. She soon found that being a Big Sister means much more. Taylor's journey with her Little, Isabelle has brought many happy memories and important life lessons. Read More about Taylor & Isabelle



The BBBS annual Harvest Party was a big success! Over 60 members of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters community joined us as we carved pumpkins, ate donuts and pie, launched potatoes and posed for silly photos in the photo booth.  Read more about the Harvest Party!


When you see Oriah and Jude together, you can immediately feel a unique connection in the air. As Oriah puts it, "Jude is like the copy of me, my clone." Read more about Oriah & Jude




Ben and Travis have been a pair since last January, so they are just about to reach their one year Big-Little anniversary milestone. What has happened in a year? Read more about Ben & Travis







What has kept Terry coming back to Big Brothers, Big Sisters for 10 years? Read More about Terry!





Jonathan_and_Liam_smallJonathan and Liam are good buds. They love to do activities outside, enjoy hanging out together and especially love to eat! Read More About Jonathan & Liam





"Did you know BBBS is finding mentors to support 23 young mothers?  Here is a moving story of one young mother’s euphoric day spent with her mentor and horses." Read More About Tara & Kathy





Jesse_and_Trevors_Small1 The BBBS Program brings together elementary and high school students from around the county.  The bonds and relationships for both “Big” and “Little” can have dramatic impact on their lives, from improved grades to social acceptance.  Trevor attributes his involvement with Jesse with having more friends. As he puts it: “Having one special friend brings more friendships”. Read More About Trevor & Jesse





 If there was one thing to say about Denise and Jasmine, it would be that they love spending time together. They like to hang out and build things with toys, but they especially enjoy going on walks together. Read More About Denise & Jasmine





When they first met, Breauna (Little) hated being outdoors! After exciting adventures with her Big, Lindsay, Breauna has grown to love spending quality time enjoying the outdoor opportunities Vermont has to offer.  Through these adventures, Breauna's grades have improved. She approaches difficult situations in a different way, her communication skills have improved, and she is making many friends at school.

Here is a slideshow of their adventures.  Lindsay & Breauna Slideshow




 Being with this pair, you can’t help but notice the bond that they have forged.  As Andrew grows older he now has someone to trust with whom he can share all of life's ups and downs!

Read More About Andrew & Don




Walk by the desk of nine Vermont Yankee employees at lunchtime on Tuesdays and you may see this sign- "Gone Mentoring: Be Back in an Hour." Read More About Our Vermont Yankee Partnership


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